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Land Clearing in Melbourne

We are a company that does land clearing, demolition, excavation, and other construction work. We are considered the best at what we do because of our dedication to quality and customer service. When you hire us, not only will you get an experienced team with many years of experience in land clearing Melbourne, but you will also receive a no-obligation quote for your project – which means there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from getting started today! 

Land clearing is a necessary process for many properties in Melbourne to prepare for future construction. It can be done by hand, but that is certainly not the most efficient way to prepare your property for development. Instead, land clearing is best left to professionals who have the appropriate machinery at their disposal.  

Our experts have the equipment and expertise to work through every step of clearing your land from start to finish – all while keeping costs low and ensuring quality results. 

Land Clearing Melbourne

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What is Land Clearance?

Land clearance is the process of preparing land for development and construction. It is usually done with heavy machinery, such as excavators or bulldozers. 

Regardless of the purpose behind land clearance, the process is generally the same. First, trees, tree stumps, brush, and other vegetation are removed with our powerful equipment and even by hand if necessary. 

The trees are cut and chipped into wood chips for mulch or other uses. We also remove any remaining roots to ensure there is no future regrowth of unwanted plant life. All stumps are ground down and removed with a stump grinder. The ground is then flattened, with any holes filled in and smoothed out for construction purposes. 

Then we grade the land to help it drain water. Grading is done by making the land slope in a way that water will naturally flow downward toward a drainage point. This process requires precise measurements by engineers who understand the flow of water. 

Next, all the debris from the land clearance is removed. This includes all the dirt, rock, plants, and anything else that was pulled up during grading. During the removal process, anything that can be recycled will be recycled, and anything that cannot will either go to a landfill or be burned. Finally, the soil is levelled out so that a foundation can be laid for whatever construction will take place on the lot. These efforts will leave the builders with a clean slate for construction. 

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Why should I clear my land?

There is an abundance of reasons that people in Melbourne need to clear their land, but the most common are: 

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Who can benefit from having their land cleared by professionals?

It doesn’t matter if you are a landowner looking to make room for a new building or an entrepreneur with plans for commercial development: land clearing Melbourne is the first step in any major project. Clearing your property of trees, brush, and stumps removes obstacles and obstructions before you start building new structures on the land. 

Residential homeowners may want to clear their land for a new construction project, while commercial developers may want to clear land for the building of an office park or shopping center. Residential developers need to clear the land to put in the infrastructure like roads, sewer lines, and utility poles. Commercial landowners may want to clear their land to provide a more aesthetically pleasing view of the property, or to create additional landscaping that improves appearance. 

Land Clearing Melbourne

How to find the best company for land clearing?

So what makes a company the best choice to clear your land?

We are that best company. Our experience, expertise, and commitment to our customers are second to none. We are confident you will be thrilled with our service and enjoy a great experience. With our highly trained and skilled technicians, we will make sure that your land is cleared for use quickly and completely. 

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