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If you’re looking for an ideal house demolition Moorabbin company, you’ve come to the right place. We pride ourselves on providing top-quality services and customer satisfaction. We have been in business for over 20 years and have successfully demolished hundreds of properties with safety in the City of Kingston

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Residential Demolition Melbourne

Residential Demolition

Find nothing but perfection from beginning to end, no matter what kind of work needs to be done. We can handle it all, from wide-open spaces to severely restricted ones. Also, we leave your site spotless and construction ready.

Commercial Demolition Melbourne

Commercial Demolition

Our team can help you with numerous commercial demolition jobs like office buildings, shopping malls, factories, and more. No job is too huge or small for uswe’re always up for a challenge. 

Land Clearing Melbourne

Land Clearing

We offer land clearing and excavation services. We have the perfect solution if you want to level out a block of land or start fresh with a new development project. And everything we do is safe for the environment.

Concrete Removal Melbourne

Concrete removal

We specialise in concrete removal. Call us if you need any old driveways, pathways, or patios removed. We have the latest equipment and can have the job done quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to your property.

If you’re a resident of Moorabbin or the nearby suburbs, like Bentleigh, Bentleigh East, Oakleigh South, Hampton East, Heatherton, Sandringham, Highett, or Cheltenham, then give a call to our excellent house demolition Moorabbin team today! 

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We are a team of skilled, knowledgeable, experienced, and licensed professionals.


We follow strict guidelines while knocking down your house for potential hazards. Our house demolition team also makes sure that water or power lines remain intact during the demolition.

Specialised Equipment

For house demolishing projects, we utilise the latest and most efficient pieces of equipment. Only these specific tools enable us to remove big, heavy beams and chunks of concrete or dangerous materials.

Waste Management

After your home is demolished, we dispose of the debris in an eco-friendly manner. We also recycle and reuse as much material as possible to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Keep up with the Industry Trends

Our house demolition Moorabbin company is always on the lookout for new trends. We are capable of offering our clients the latest and most outstanding services. This includes breaking a wall without using explosives.

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If you’re looking for a house demolition Moorabbin partner that you can trust, then we are your perfect match. We’ll certainly provide you with the best possible work at a fair and reasonable price. Contact us today to get started.

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