Costs to Consider When it Comes to House Demolition Melbourne

Demolition is the process of removing portions or all of a building or structure for a variety of reasons. Even though demolition may appear to be a straightforward activity, it actually requires some careful consideration of the safety, mechanical, and financial aspects to ensure its success. You can arrange a house demolition Melbourne in a speedy and cost-effective manner if you take the proper approach and have some know-how of the procedures involved.

Are you planning to have your house demolished in the near future? Then you need to decide what type of demolition will be carried out. You may not need to demolish the whole house; instead, you may only need to demolish a portion of it. Whichever approach you choose, you can rest assured that the demolition goes well by engaging the experts in this undertaking, who can show you what needs to be done and how they will do it.

There are a few factors which affect the cost of house demolition Melbourne that you need to be aware of before hiring a contractor, as below.

Cost Per Square Meter

When demolishing a house, the cost involved is affected by some factors such as the size of the house, any extension to the structure, necessary permits, and the cost of the clean-up after. Whether the house is in an urban or rural setting will also vary the cost.

Labour cost for the clearing process will depend on the prevailing wage in the region. Any demolition project cost is determined by the per square meter area, and with an exact measurement of the house to be demolished, you get a good estimate of the total amount the demolition project will cost you.

reparation of Site for Demolition

As with any project, it is an important step to prepare the site for demolition before beginning the work. Utility connections such as gas, electricity, and water must all be turned off and rerouted if necessary. In rerouting the utility lines, it is best to engage the right professionals for the job, such as domestic electrician and plumber.

Investing in safety precautions when planning a house demolition Melbourne is also a necessary step that needs to be considered in the costing. Safety measures involve delineating and cordoning off the construction site, providing sufficient lighting for workers in night shift, and safety PPE’s to be worn by those who will carry out the job. These are SOPs for professionals, but just make sure they do the necessary site preparation and provision all the materials needed.

Preparation of Demolished Site for Rebuild

During the planning stages of the demolition project, the professionals you hired will ask you how you want the site to be prepared for what comes next in your future plans. And they should tell you that site rebuild and reconstruction will also add up to the overall cost. If you have not thought that far ahead, it might be best to involve your architect in the planning before project execution to save you time and money in your long-term plans. Together with your architect, you can determine if any structure, utility line or cabling needs to be saved for future use. Then you must inform your demolition contractor so that it’s included in their plans.

Clearing of the Site

Asbestos, in any amount, is dangerous for our health. So, if your house has asbestos material, removing and disposing it could incur extra cost, as it requires careful handling and proper disposal to avoid exposure. In planning house demolition Melbourne, asbestos is identified, highlighted in the plans, removed and properly disposed of before the demolition activities commence. Handling asbestos calls for an abatement professional or highly skilled and experienced demolition contractor to get the job done properly, as there are safety regulations that need to be followed strictly.

The Right Professionals for the Demolition Job

Knowing all the factors that go into demolition cost, it’s time for you to get a consultation and quotation. We offer a comprehensive range of demolition services to meet your specific requirements. Being one of Melbourne’s most in-demand demolition contracting firms, you can count on our team of seasoned professionals who go above and beyond to provide you the best possible service. Call us now to arrange a consultation appointment to get you started.

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