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Do you need to demolish your commercial property in Melbourne? If so, you should know that when it comes to commercial demolition Melbourne, we have the experience and know-how to make sure that the process is as smooth as possible. We offer competitive pricing for different types of demolition projects including office buildings, shopping centers, industrial structures, and more! 

We know that commercial demolition is a complicated process that requires careful planning and execution. That’s why we offer a wide range of services to help you get your project done quickly and efficiently. From site clearance to asbestos removal, we have all the tools necessary for any type of commercial demolition project.  

Our team of experts will work with you to determine the best course of action for your project, whether it’s a small-scale renovation or an entire building being demolished. We can take care of everything from start to finish so you don’t have to worry about anything but getting back to business as usual. 

When we say “commercial demolition Melbourne services,” we mean exactly that – all aspects of commercial demolitions are handled by our team, including debris removal and site cleanup. You won’t need any other company’s help when you hire us. 

Safe and Reliable Commercial Demolitions Across Melbourne

Buildings that need to be demolished may have asbestos in the construction, which is a factor that should lead a company to hire professional demolition contractors. A good commercial demolition firm will remove all the asbestos properly from the building prior to any demolition taking place. Only professionals understand and are licensed to deal with the hazards of asbestos. 

As a professional commercial demolition Melbourne company, we provide a full range of demolition services, including: 

Commercial Demolition Melbourne

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What is Commercial Demolition?

Commercial demolition is the process of tearing down a building to make way for new construction. Commercial demolition is different from residential home demolitions in that commercial buildings can be much larger and take more time to tear down, so it’s important to have the right company on your side when you’re considering this type of project. 

Melbourne companies occasionally find that they need to demolish buildings on their sites because they want to make room for future development. Another reason a company might choose commercial demolition is if the current structure has been condemned. Or perhaps the building is in a dangerous condition due to fire, flood damage, or another natural disaster and they need it removed as soon as possible before anything bad can happen. 

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The Commercial Demolition Process

The process starts with identifying a goal for the demolition. Are you looking to completely tear down the building, or simply gut the interior? Every building is different so there will be no two projects that have exactly the same plan to take them down. 

Initially, one of our surveyors will visit the site and analyze the building. This will include inspecting the property and meeting with the client to determine what their needs are for the project. 

The surveyor will then create a plan for how they want the demolition done, including any special steps necessary or potential problems that may need to be addressed before it can take place. 

This is called an engineer’s report, and it is the blueprint for the project. It will include an estimate for how long it is expected to take, what materials are needed, and any special considerations that have been identified as necessary before work can begin. 

An engineer’s report also includes a detailed plan of where all this debris will be disposed of so there is no danger to people. 

Assuming we are going to do a full demo, the first step in the demolition process is to remove all utilities, such as electricity and water, from the building. This ensures that there is no danger of injury or death to workers or bystanders when the demolition begins. 

Commercial Demolition Melbourne

Next, a full asbestos survey is completed in order to identify all the locations of asbestos on site. This is necessary because asbestos can be found anywhere from old ductwork and pipes, insulation around hot water tanks, as well as other places where it was used for fireproofing.  

The next step is to remove asbestos and any other hazardous materials from the building’s interior. These materials may include things like lead paint, PCBs, mercury-containing light fixtures, and the like. 

Then, interior demolition may be performed, where non-load-bearing walls and partitions are removed. Load bearing support structures, such as the foundation or columns, will be left in place because they cannot be safely demolished until we complete all other interior work. 

From there, we will demolish the roof and all structural walls. This may be done using explosives, a wrecking ball, or other methods. The rubble will be loaded onto trucks and then transported away from your site for disposal.  

Once the building is demolished, we can start preparing the site for new construction if desired. This includes land clearing, slope grading, excavation, and other site preparation. 

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Commercial Demolition in Melbourne

If you are looking for a commercial demolition company, there’s no need to look further. We have been in the industry for many years and have developed a reputation as the best in the field. 

Our commercial demolition services provide everything you need to take care of your project quickly and efficiently. We’ll demolish anything, from small buildings to large warehouses and factories, using our heavy machinery or doing it by hand if necessary. No matter how big or complicated your project is, we’ve got it covered. You won’t find anyone else who can do it better, faster, or cheaper than us. 

Our team has the experience and expertise to handle any commercial demolition project. We have a great track record for completing projects on time and within budget. 

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